Teak Life

Introducing our new product Teak Life.

Teak Life reduces the damaging effects of ultraviolet light, strengthens water repellency and improves the dimensional stability of teak decks and garden furniture. It is for use on new and old teak decks and other teak surfaces. Teak Life UV extends the life of teak decks by protecting against UV damage and discoloration.

Regular maintenance will significantly improve the long-term performance of teak decking. Always clean the surface well with R-125 Renskib's Teak Cleaner, clean water, before applying maintenance layers. Sand the teakwood with 80-grit sandpaper to remove standing fibers and prepare poorly protected surfaces for the maintenance layer. Apply a maintenance layer of Teak Life UV Topcoat annually or when the wood surface shows signs of fading or wear.

If increased color and protection is needed, use Teak Life UV Topcoat in Tan Light or Dark for the maintenance layer. Alternatively, the appropriate base tone can be used to tone Teak Life UV Topcoat to the desired clarity and tone. Heavily used yachts or yachts in southern climates will require maintenance more often. Signs of wear include discoloration, wear from grinding and insufficient water repellency.



  • Extends the life of teak decks with just one or two layers
  • Provides dimensional stability
  • Easy to maintain
  • Protects against discoloration
  • Reduces moisture absorption
  • Protects against UV damage



  • Tan Light
  • Dark
  • Natural weathering




As soon as the teak deck has been very carefully cleaned with R-125 Teak Cleaner, you can start with the Teak Life application.

You start by applying a layer of Teak Life UV and after the drying time (e.g. the next day) you can apply the Teak Life UV Topcoat. In special cases or as needed, you can apply 2 layers of Teak Life UV. Never apply in (expected) rain. Recommended ideal use temperature is 21° Celsius.

We always place our can in a bucket so that spillage does not land on the teak wood.

During the application with a brush (e.g. in 30mm wide) you need:

  1. A few microfiber cloths to remove and wipe off the excess and remnants of Teak Life from the teak wood/deck/joints
  2. A damp microfiber cloth to remove any residue on stainless steel, gelcoat, paint, etc.
  3. A dry microfiber cloth for wiping down stainless steel, gelcoat, paint, etc.

Teak Life is a very thin liquid product that must be applied with a brush, preferably approximately 30 mm wide. Do not use a paint roller.



On average, one liter will cover approx. 9.29 m² with each application, depending on the surface condition of the wood.


Use soap and water to clean hands and tools.



We only sell Teak Life directly and not by our stores. Just send us an email on info@renskib.dk with your Teak Life wishes.



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