R-130A Pre Sealer

A Fine Liquid Polishing paste for Gel Coat and hard two component painted surfaces. R-130 A removes fine dust particles after painting and small fine scratches after fender damages, etc. R-130 A has a rating of 8000 grit.


Instructions for use: Shake well before use. Fill a sprayer with water and make the surface damp. R-130 A is applied with a moist sponge on the damp surface. Keep surface damp using the sprayer. MACHINE  POLISH only with a lambskin buffer or polishing disc. Continue polishing until a deep gloss is obtained. Thoroughly clean the surface with R-140, then the surface is ready for the last sealing with R-130 B.
NB: If original surface is chalky and dull the treatment must begin with R-120.

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