R-130B Sealer

A Very Long-lasting sealer for Gel coat and two component painted surfaces with good protection against UV radiation. ONLY to be used on smooth surfaces.


The surface must be clean, use R-140. Step 1: Apply 130B with slightly damp sponge and let it dry. Step 2: Polishing the surface with a soft micro fiber cloth to gloss. Step 3: Maintain the surface by using R-140. REMEMBER: 1. For matt surfaces the treatment must be started with R-120. 2. Read the instructions for use carefully. RENSKIB R-130A en R-130B: Supplied as a set (2 x 500 ml.) eur: 54,00 - excl. VAT. Also available as single bottles as 500 ml. eur: 27.00 excl. VAT.

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½ Liter | 299,00 DKK
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