Pricelist Pre-Owned Boats

Your boat will be cleaned R-100, R-110 and polished R-120 and R-130A from the waterline and up: the exterior is cleaned R-140, polished and sealed with Renskib sealer R-130B for protection and easy maintenance.The teak in the cockpit and on the deck can be cleaned as well with our special R-125 Teak Cleaner. Cleaning the teak on the entire deck bears an additional charge and will be submitted by appointment.

15ft eur:795,-
20ft eur:975,-
25ft eur:1.440,-
30ft     eur:1.580,- (HardTop+15%)
30ft Fly bridge eur:2.210,-
35ft eur:1.940,- (HardTop+15%)
35ft Fly bridge eur:2.710,-
40ft eur:2.225,- (HardTop+15%)
40ft Fly bridge eur:3.155,-
45ft eur:2.725,- (HardTop+15%)
45ft Fly bridge eur:3.585,-
50ft eur:3.235,- (HardTop+15%)
50ft Fly bridge eur:3.955,-
55ft eur:3.665,- (HardTop+15%)
55ft Fly bridge eur:4.785,-
60ft eur:4.025,- (HardTop+15%)
60ft Fly bridge eur:5.255,-
65ft eur:4.460,- (HardTop+15%)
65ft Fly bridge eur:5.810,-
70ft eur:5.025,- (HardTop+15%)
70ft Fly bridge eur:6.530,-
80ft eur:5.640,- (HardTop+15%)
80ft Fly bridge eur:7.635,-

Price example: indoor detail cleaning; plus 20% of above mentioned prices.

The prices are exclusive Danish VAT but include materials and transport if done in Denmark. For jobs outside Denmark, a fee for additional transport per employee (eur: 34,- p/100km p/employee) will be added. From 80 feet Fly Bridge Motor-Yachts and larger, there will be no additional transport charge. Only a fee for ferry or bridge costs, (both ways), will be added. By grouping orders and/or for recurring service jobs, a special arrangement can be made. For additional detailed information, please feel free to contact our office by sending an email to
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